Atr480 Time Clock Bundle, Lcd, Automatic, White/charcoal


$ 303.49 
SKU: ACP010285001

Supports up to 50 employees on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll period, or it can be used for job costing. Set to print in standard a.m./p.m. hours or military time, and choose between minutes or hundredths. Optional two-color printing helps you quickly identify early and late punches. Best of all, it automatically calculates and totals employee work time! You can set overtime thresholds, choose to implement rounding rules, and automatically deduct break times to accommodate your organization's payroll rules. Use the built-in programmable buzzer or connect to an external signal device to notify employees of shift start and stop times. (External signal device requires relay box, available separately.) Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments mean fewer hassles for you. A built-in battery maintains the time and allows employees to punch in and out, even during a power outage. For added peace of mind, the clock's programming can optionally be password-protected, and the clock case is secured with a lock and key. The calculating payroll recorder clock is available in a convenient bundle that includes everything you need to get started right away with time tracking.